1.Can you customize the size?
All designs in the web site can be printed in any size.

2.Can I freely combine the design in the website? 
No problem, you can choose one side of product A and one side of product B to print on both sides of the pillow case. After you place an order, take a screenshot of your favorite designs and send them to our email:
We will print according to the designs you choose.

3. How to check the status of an order?
We will process and ship out your order 2 to 5 working days after receiving your payment. 

When the package is shipped, we will send you the tracking number, and you can check the status of it at anytime.

4. How long will it take to receive your dakimakura?
Pillow Case: Average Delivery in 10-20 Business Days.
Pillow Inner: Average Delivery in 15-60 Business Days. The pillow inner has a large volume and can only be shipped through postal channels, with large fluctuations in transportation time.
See details on Shipping Time.

5. How much is the shipping fee?
Fast and free shipping on all orders.

6. How to wash?
First soak in warm water for a while, then put in the detergent without bleaching agent and wash it gently by hand. Do not rub it hard. Finally, put it in a ventilated place and dry it naturally.

7. What can i do if i found no results of the anime characters i want to buy?
Please contact us with the character and anime name if possible. We will check out our design resource gallery and update the products you want.

8. Can i cancel order after payment?
About pillow case: Yes, we can give you a full refund but please contact me within 24 hrs after the order placed (we usually arrange printing work after 24 hrs). If you want to cancel order after 24hrs, we can only give you 70% refund of the pillow case. 
About pillow inner: You can get full refund before we shiped it.
We didn't accept refund request after it shipped (except quality problem), please think it over before completing order.

9.Can I be your agent and then you give me a commission?
You can register a member on our website. There is a “make money” option after logging in as a member. After clicking, you will get a distribution link. All customers who place orders through the distribution link, you will get commission.
Our Email:support@bodypillow.shop