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Anime Body Pillow
Sweetorange shop provide satisfaction and emotional support. If you don't like to sleep by yourself, it will help you relieve your loneliness. Those cushions sometimes even helps to reduce anxiety. Undoubtedly, having the chance to share unique moments of your life and feel closer by having physical contact with the character you love is something different that only dakimakura users could describe.Custom Body Pillows make an unique gift! It's comfy, it's cozy, it's totally you. Enjoy free worldwide shipping with Qstomize custom body pillows and more. Just upload a photo to get started today.The custom body pillow is a stylish and decorative cushion for the home, and it makes a beautifully unique gift for loved ones. Display your favorite photo with this beautiful body pillow to amaze everyone! Our soft satin feel Body Pillow Case adds a comfy accent to your amazing bedroom and brings added style and comfort to any room. Keep your pillow fresh and clean with this body pillowcase. It makes a beautiful statement piece or gift for your home or apartment. Personalize with your favorite photo of choice. Personalize with your favorite photo of choice.

Being able to wake up every morning with an Anime Body Pillow Cover is undoubtedly the best way so far to create a unique connection with the character that you love. You will be able to touch, cuddle, snuggle and share relaxing moments with the Waifu or Husbando of your choice!Those long body pillows with life-size designs are becoming the most popular pillows worldwide for otaku and other mangas lovers. Waifu pillows and Husbando pillows are simply the perfect items and gifts for a fan of
Japanese cartoon. There is nothing more soothing than sitting on your couch or bed while cuddling your sweet character.

A lot of our users experience better nights and sleep. Are you wondering why? Because those long pillows are ideal for your posture, their size is perfect for supporting your torso, arms, and legs. They also help to prevent discomfort and soreness that we all have after sleeping in mediocre positions. Being relaxed, feeling safe, and cozy are all the reasons that will naturally improve the quality of your sleep.
Life today is a series of stressful and strenuous situations that are constantly being thrown your way at any given time. As a result, most of us are often seeking different means to relieve the ever mounting pressure. While others might turn to yoga, meditation, extreme sports or simply turn into couch potatoes in order to decompress from life’s demands, others seek out the comfort of body pillows.

What is a body pillow you ask? well these are long pillows that are designed to offer your body the comfort and support it requires as you sleep. but how is any of this related to a dakimakura? The answer is simple, dakimakuras are, in their most basic functionality, simply body pillows. They derive their name from the Japanese names daki and makura which respectively mean to hug or embrace and pillow.


In the basic form of their definition, dakimakuras are in essence body pillows. However, digging deeper into their origin and history one easily spots the difference between the two. The dakimakura, as the etiology of the name suggests, can trace its origin in Japan.

This pillow unlike other body pillows was primarily used to provide comfort and emotional support to its users. In many ways, the users of dakimakuras to date still seek them out for this very reason, emotional support.

Their use was especially popular amongst teenagers looking for emotional support. This comes as no surprise as this is one of the most emotionally stressful and tumultuous times in any one’s life.

The dimensions of the dakimakura have for a long time remained standard. Unlike other body pillows that can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, dakimakuras typically come at a length of between 150 and 160 centimeters, a width of about 20 centimetres and a circumference of approximately 100 centimetres.


Fast forward to the late 90’s and the traditional dakimakura begins to gain popularity within the otaku fan circles. These pillows took on new meaning for anime fans. Instead of simply providing emotional support, otaku culture die-hards began using the pillows as a means to interact with their favourite anime characters. I mean, what could be better than hugging your favourite hero as you sleep?

This interaction with the anime and general otaku world saw the dakimakuras evolve from being simple, plain pillows to personalized pillows with printed images of various anime characters. The popularity of these pillows amongst the otaku fans saw them slowly become collectors items of sorts. Collecting pillows might just sound strange but think of it as collecting action figures of your favourite super heroes. Makes sense right?

The need to collect the pillows in order to satisfy the desires of the collectors played a crucial role in informing the size of the pillows. The initial pillows were typically 160 centimeters long and weighed about two kilograms. This was before they gained popularity and demand on a global scale.

Faced with the challenge of meeting global demand, manufactures of the dakimakura needed to make it cost effective for themselves as well as the buyers that required these pillows in various geographical locations. Shipping costs were primarily influenced by the size and weight of the pillows.

In an attempt to maintain the general size of the pillows but make them cost effective and economical enough to ship to other parts of the world, manufacturers reduced the length of the pillows by about ten centimeters. This in turn decreased the weight of the pillows by about one hundred grams.

The standardization of the pillow sizes became even more important as the issue of storage space became evident amongst the buyers. In order to get a complete set one needed to have multiple pillows with them. Manufacturers solved the space and shipping cost issue by keeping the pillow at a standard size and instead of manufacturing a different pillow for every anime character, they simply made printed covers of the different characters. This way, buyers only needed one pillow and had the space to collect as many characters as they wished.


Technological advancements in various sectors have seen even the most basic aspects of our lives undergo dramatic changes. The dakimakura has not been spared the changes and improvements that come with technological advancements.

Today, dakimakuras are used for more than just basic physical and emotional support by teenagers. They have found a niche amongst the adults thanks to the manga society. With increased use by adults as love companions, dakimakura manufacturers have made use of AI technology to introduce talking pillows. This development helps to bring those loveable fantasy characters to life.

Die-hard fans will insist on having dakimakuras that are manufactured in Japan. However, the growing popularity of these pillows has seen pillow manufacturers from other parts of the world take up these pillows as part of their product portfolio. Like other body pillows, these anime pillows now come in a variety of fill materials, providing different levels of comfort to their users. Despite the difference in country of manufacture, the dimensions of the dakimakuras have remained standard across the board.


Simply put, there are a lot of manufacturers and resellers in the market today. However, we guarantee that personal touch to all our pieces. We have a wide variety of ready made prints to choose from. Our wide selection does not, however, stand in the way of our ability to listen to your needs and customize your piece to your liking. Whether you want a double feature pillow or pillow cover or a one sided one, we have the capacity to see to it that your needs are met.

As your comfort and satisfaction is at the core of our business, we would like to hear from you. Have you shopped with us before? If yes, what was your experience? Your feedback is highly appreciated as it allows us to better serve you. If no, why not give us a try?
Hololive Usada Pekora Dakimakura Body Pillow
3D Sexy Oppai Dakimakura Breast - Real Touch Silicone Elastic Breast
If you are looking for something that gives you great comfort and satisfaction, then it is good to invest in some anime body pillow. It is a feel comfortable pillows Not only are they aesthetics in attendance but they also provide a great feeling of comfort and appeal. As long as they fit in different styles, make sure you choose a body pillow that fits your body in accordance with the decoration of your body, in which colors, designs, and approaches are kept in mind.

You can keep these pillows on the couch in the living room. You can match the clothes according to the theme of your living room. These pillows cannot fit with your bedroom decor. So carefully select some clothes and designs. Choose from different luxury pillows because they come in different sizes and sizes. Animal prints are prevalent and you can choose if you wish. With animal prints, you can go in light brown décor.

Choose an anime body pillow that will enhance the decor of your room and enhance the style. This includes mixing of material and color to give a completely harmonious appeal. When choosing clothes or choosing contrast colors to keep in mind the strength of the fabric and make sure the colors match in the room. To give a glimpse of the presence, make the whole set attractive and use contrasts.

Using a cotton cloth and following the “shiny” style is another great option. You can choose from different colors, styles, textures, and designs with cotton cloth because they are durable and soft. You do not have to limit your choice because there are so many options available. You can make your choice of those people easily available. Many bedding lines can provide your body pillow. With the style of your choice you will be happy to decorate your room, and if you do it, you can make the happiest person.

What is Anime Pillow?

Anime pillow is named as Dakimakura. These anime body pillows also have another name Waifu Pillow, which is a mimetic word of wife in Japanese, normally, waifu pillows are more related to pillows printed with Anime animation figures. It is like the other half of your dream. It can help you sleep, relieve your loneliness and relieve your pain. We have all kinds of patterns for you to choose. You can choose the style you like, which can bring you good mood and add color to your bedroom. It creates a good sleeping environment for you and helps to improve your sleep.
Do you feel lonely when you sleep alone during the night? Then choose a cartoon pillow, choose your favorite cartoon character, it can make you happy, give you a big hug, you can relax and release as much as you want
I feel very tired after a busy day’s work. I feel all kinds of pain in my body. At this time, I need to relieve pressure. Cartoon pillow is your best choice. It helps you to relieve the pain, so that you can have a good rest and a good sleep. Anime Body Pillow
How to choose Anime Body Pillow?